Here are what some people have had to say about my services.

Margaret Murphy and Nate D'Anna, 8/10/08

Hi Michael, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on Nate's and my wedding on August 10 at the MIT Faculty Club. We really appreciated your ability to meet with us even on such short notice and get a sense of what we wanted. The music was well chosen, and our families and friends could not have had a better time dancing all night (despite getting drenched by downpours on the way over from St. Paul's!) You and Cory were a great addition to the celebration. Since I heard about you through a friend, I'm not sure where you generally advertise, but I wanted to let you know I'd be very happy to act as a reference for you for future events, and to post a review of your service on whatever sites you generally use. I'm happy to emphasize your good judgment and selections of music where we didn't give you guidance, as well as your checking in regularly with us throughout the evening to ensure everything was going well. Or of course can emphasize whatever you'd like me to mention. (And I heard that there was a Macarena request – thanks for resisting!) With great appreciation, Margaret Murphy
(MIT, Cambridge)

Kate and Greg Harrison, 8/9/08

Dear Michael, Kate and I couldn't be happier with our experience with MCO Productions. From the initial stages of discussing our wedding, it was always an enjoyable experience. You gave us the opportunity to describe what we were looking for, and you delivered sets of songs which fit our musical interests and kept the party dancing. Numerous friends and family members came up to me to tell me how much they were enjoying the music, and even afterwards people have been talking about how spot-on the songs were. You made me look good, but I didn't do anything except choose a dj with lots of experience and recommendations to back him up. You also provided a low key atmosphere which is what we were looking for. It's obvious you guys know what you're doing and after a couple songs I knew the music would keep the party energized and it certainly did. I'll be recommending you to anyone I know getting married. Thanks for everything. Greg and Kate
(Bradley Estate, Canton)

Jessica Thomas and Tim Pink, 8/8/08

How can I thank you enough for the awesome job you guys did?! we had so much fun, and our guests loved you! Any time you need a reference just let us know! Thanks again, and if ever in the future we'll call you!
(Saquish Beach, Duxbury)

Stephanie and Matt Ledoux, 7/18/08

I have to say you guys were great. You were there on-time, in fact way more than on-time (thanks for coming up early to avoid the traffic), and you were both calm, cool and collected as I was a bit nervous. That helped. And everything went so smoothly. I have to say, Corey was so great to deal with. When it came time to do the couples dance Corey found me and told me that in a few songs we'll be doing the dance and I should be near the dance floor.. and then he found me and did the same for the mother/son dance... he was so helpful to let me know what would be happening and where I should be - great to work with. All of it went so well. And the music was great. Just what we had in mind. We danced and the whole crowd was with us. Even the dinner music was nice - we had to get up for a few songs and even dance to those (did you see that? I'm a fool for that "summer wind" song by Frank.) So thanks Michael. I'd highly recommend you again and in fact we already did. A woman at our wedding has a daughter getting married and wanted to recommend you - so hopefully that works out. Great job, and please tell Corey thanks for us. Matt
(Pomponesset Inn, New Seabury)

Ana and Jeff Bodeau, 6/20/08

…more than a thank you note, this is a message to all future couples that are struggling to find the right DJ for their special day. Well, first let me tell you that I was a total bridezilla and the love of my life is a very detailed oriented husband. Before we booked with DJ Mike we interviewed 5 of the most recommended DJs in Newport and Boston and exchanged e-mails with many more. Our idea of the perfect DJ was of the one that is professional, had a good voice, good personality and that knows how to read the crowd. Also me and my husband are from 2 different countries and therefore different cultures, our families and friends enjoy different songs and have different ways of celebrating. So we were counting on our DJ to somehow make those differences complement each other. The first time I met with Mike I decided to take my sister with me. She is one of the most successful cello players in CT and she has a great 25 years experience in the music industry. After our appointment with Mike she was so comfortable with him and thought that his intuition and collective character was very very admirable. Me and Mike communicated after that appointment numerous times. He was always so proactive and so interested that I get a comfortable level with him but. He send samples of the music that he was going to play, and detailed messages to ensure that we were on the same page and shared the same understanding. Our wedding was a fairytale!!!! And we couldn’t have been more happy to choose Mike and Corey as our DJs. Everything they did, from the way they presented themselves, the way the organized everyone, the way they introduced my wedding party, the undivided attention that they gave to the most emotional parts of my wedding, the energy that they created with their music and presence it was soooo charming and absolutely IMPECCABLE !!!!!! There are a lot of things that can stress you out while preparing for your wedding, don’t let the DJ selection be one of them. We assure you that if you landed on this web-site or had a chance to meet with Mike or Corey you have just met the most fabulous DJs that are out there. From 2 people who have been there!!!
Ana & Jeff
(Castle Hill Inn, Newport)

Hartley and Jeff Pollard, 6/14/08

Thank you so much for all the work you put into our wedding. We couldn’t have been happier with you and Corey. You guys were great and I would recommend you to anyone. I couldn’t believe how great your setup was for the ceremony; small, out of the way, and sounded great. Having my uncle wear a mic was a phenomenal last second call on your part. You are a true professional and we really appreciated and noticed your attention to detail; Hope you enjoyed Falmouth, and found Don and Walt at the Beach Breeze easy to work with. Thanks again, Hartley and Jeff
(Beach Breeze, Falmouth)

Connie Ng and Paul Hess, 5/31/08

You and Corey did a fantastic job at our wedding. You were both extremely professional, and everything ran smoothly. As promised, your announcement of the bridal party was not at all "sports announcer-like," and your choice of music was superb and kept the dance floor packed at all times. You were very pleasant to work with, and most importantly, I did not have to worry at all about anything that you were handling, which is a huge relief for a bride on the big day! Thank you again for making the reception a huge success. I would highly recommend you to any couple looking for a professional and talented DJ! Connie
(Veronique Ballroom, Brookline)

Lindsay and Ben Rieling, 5/24/08

Michael and Corey were quite capable and helpful throughout our wedding reception. Michael did a wonderful job of catering to our guests. Most everyone danced throughout the night. His music selection was a perfect balance for a formal event that provided enough energy for guests of all ages to enjoy. Michael met with us twice before our wedding reception and ensured we were relaxed about the evening. We provided him very little guidance on what music to select, and he did a marvelous job of choosing the correct selection. Michael also handled our introductions and all announcements which went off without a hitch. On top of that his assistant was very helpful throughout the night and worked behind the scenes to ensure we knew what to expect. My wife and I planned this wedding from out-of-state which made things trickier, but Michael did a terrific job of answering all of our questions and anticipating issues before they arose. I think the best sign of a quality DJ is the amount of time people spend dancing and whether or not people are receptive to the musical selection, and throughout our reception people flooded the dance floor and the different musical sets catered to each group of people there. We were very pleased with our decision to use Michael as our DJ.
(Lyman Estate, Waltham)

Kathleen and Evan Karp, 5/17/08

Thanks very much for being our DJ -- we were very happy with both you and Corey. I don't think there was anything we would have asked you to do differently and many of our guests said that they thought you did a great job. The music really made the wedding a lot of fun. --Evan
(Shaker Hills G.C., Harvard)

Nora and John Finn, 4/19/08

John and I had such a great time at our wedding and that is a great credit to you and Corey! The music was great, you had people dancing all night and everyone had a blast. I loved watching my neices and nephews singing and dancing to all of the hits you played. The mix of songs really worked and I appreciate you taking the time to get to know John and I before the wedding so that you could taylor the music for us. We listened to the CDs that you made for us in Jamaica! Thanks again for helping to make our wedding day great. Nora and John Finn
(Montvale Plaza, Stoneham)

Kerrie and Brian Colleran, 4/5/08

Hi Mike, Thanks so much to you and Corey for a job extremely well done this past weekend!  Everyone was commenting on what a great dj we had at the wedding.  People enjoyed the nice music played during dinner and clearly enjoyed the dancing music- seeing that the dance floor was packed the entire time!!!  That was exactly what we wanted- so thanks so much.  The day turned out to be perfect and you played a huge part in that. Sincerely, Kerrie and Brian
(Atlantic Beach Club, Newport)

Jackie and Tom Bankert, 12/29/07

THANK YOU!! It was a perfect night. Tom
(Wedgewood Pines C.C., Stowe)

Chris and Beth Pavoni, 10/20/07

Michael, Everything was great! I've never been at a wedding where so many people were on the dance floor at once for the entire night!! Could not have asked for anything more. You guys were fantastic! Chris
(Brooksby Farm, Peabody)

Tara and Adam Schrader, 10/7/07

Michael, we could not have wished for anything more perfect than what our wedding turned out to be. I must admit we had problems with the florist and our cake but it was all very easy to over look when we saw how much fun everyone was having. You and your staff made sure the music never stopped as well as the dancing. We got so many compliments from people about the cocktail hour ( which we did not even attend!!) everyone told us how much they enjoyed the music, you really got the feel we were looking for across to our guests. The table cameras are proof that our wedding was a hit although we are still unsure if it was the Bride and Groom or the music that everyone was so excited about. We have so many great pictures of friends and family dancing the night away!! We can't thank you enough !!! We will definitely recommend your services to anyone who asks, if we know a great DJ. Enjoy the holidays!! Kindest Regards, Tara & Adam, The Schraders!!
(Doubletree, Boston)

Catherine and Andy Kenney, 9/15/07

My wife and I couldn't have been more pleased with the entertainment provided for our wedding by MCO Productions. Michael was very prompt, professional, and eager to work with us throughout the planning process, leading right up to our big day. He and his assistant, Cory, helped make our day go as seemlessly as possible. They did a terrific job incorporating all of our requests, and added some flare of their own! All of our friends and family have raved to us about the entertainment provided by MCO, and we have Michael and Cory to thank for a great experience!
(Hyatt Regency Cambridge)

Casey and Shawn Keefe, 9/7/07

I meant to write to you awhile ago to tell you how happy Shawn and I were with the job that you and Corey did at the wedding! Everyone had a great time and we thought you guys did fabulous. Thanks again! Casey
(Publick House, Sturbridge)

Sean and Lauren McCarthy, 8/18/07

Michael and Cory, Thank you so much for the incredible job at our wedding reception. We knew when we booked you guys that the music portion of the event would be solid but you blew away our expectations. What we liked most was that you let us dictate what songs to play and not to play and then offered some advice to what would work well given your experience. The pacing and song selections made the reception great. We have received non-stop compliments from our guests and can't thank you enough! We were particularly impressed at how the dance floor was full all night long! Thanks!!!! - Sean and Lauren
(Nahant Country Club)

Erica and Peter Neu, 8/5/07

We want to thank you very much for everything last Sunday. You and Cory did a fantastic job! Everyone had a great time and I think they would have danced for another two hours if they could! Thanks again, Erica Fiorente
(Hawthorne Hotel, Salem)

Christine and Sean Garrity, 7/21/07

Dear Michael and Corey, Thank you both so much for all you did to make our wedding reception so memorable! We thought your selections of music for both the cocktail hour and the reception were really just spot on. We especially liked how you played shorter mixes of songs to keep the energy up and keep everyone out on the dance floor. We saw people dancing that are just _never_ out there, and it was the atmosphere created by your work that made the difference! Thanks so much for everything. It was really a pleasure meeting both of you. You were both completely professional and in control throughout the whole evening and on top of that, you're both great guys and we had a lot of fun with you. Best of luck with everything. Christy and Sean
(Wayside Inn, Sudbury)

Jennifer and Jason Beam, 7/8/07

We were very pleased with your performance at our wedding. Everyone had a great time with your music selection. The transition between the ceremony, cocktails, and reception was flawless. Even after DJing hundreds of events myself, I couldn't have done a better job. Thanks again for all of your help! Jason
(Gibbet Hill, Groton)

Julie and Todd Hartman, 6/30/07

Michael O'Neill is a fabulous DJ. He did an amazing job for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. From the first day we met him, Michael listened to what we wanted, gave us great suggestions when we asked, and was never overpowering with his opinion. Michael was extremely attentive to the details of our day, and chose a great song selection for our cocktail hour and reception. We did not give a must-play list, and he seemed to know exactly what we would have put on the list. He really knows how to play off the crowd and kept us dancing all night long. Our favorite part of the job Michael did that day, was choosing the song "Jackson" to play during the dinner hour as our wedding was in Jackson, NH. That is something neither of us thought of, and absolutely loved it when Michael thought to play it. Overall, we would highly recommend Michael O'Neill. He was exactly what we wanted!
Julie and Todd
(Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH)

Donna and Brian, 6/24/07

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Lynette and Andrew Teixeira, 6/16/07

When Andrew and I returned from our honeymoon we received various comments from our wedding guests on how much they liked the music during the reception. Many people were especially pleased with the dinner music you selected. It's obvious from some of the candid pictures, that people enjoyed the dancing just as much. People commented on how much fun they had, and we believe it is due largely to your & Corey's efforts.
We would like to personally thank you for your patience and professionalism during the ceremony and reception. The use of your back-up PA system was greatly appreciated and we were very happily surprised that your took the extra step to monitor the volume and system during the ceremony. You went above and beyond our expectations, especially with this matter.
You contributed greatly to the success of the entire wedding. We were relaxed the entire day knowing that you and Corey were there pulling everything together. We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. The CD of music from the day was also a nice touch. We love it! Thanks again! Lynnette & Andrew
(Wayside Inn, Sudbury)


Michelle and Matt Gunn, 6/2/07

Michael, We only have positive feedback. We wish there was some constructive criticism we could give you, but we thought about it for a while and are at a loss. You went above and beyond above and beyond. Many of our guests are tough critics, but you and Corey got uniformly great reviews from everybody we talked to. Matt's cousin even described a run of songs you went on (not exactly sure which one, but Bon Jovi was in there somewhere) as "orgasmic" – no kidding.
One thing we can single out as particularly important that made us feel confident we made the right choice was that preliminary meeting where you made every effort to find out exactly what we wanted and laid out how things would go. A lot of wedding vendors do or say little things that remind you you're just one of several weddings they're going to do that month, but we always felt like you were giving us special, individualized attention. Then, when it came to performance time, you still managed to surpass our high expectations.
We had a long honeymoon and just got back, so we've just begun to sing your praises on review sites like "The Knot." We plan on recommending you to anybody and everybody, without reservation. Thanks again. You're The Man. Matt and Michelle
(Boston Harbor Hotel)

Liz and Andy LaSpina , 5/27/07

Everyone thought you did a great job and we have already given your name to a few people. The only thing off the top of my head would be to add an "encore" song choice to the list of questions you send to people. Just in case. But the only semi negative comment I heard was from an older person who mentioned she wished there was more songs that she could have danced to. Once again, thanks to both you and Corey - you guys made things a lot easier and everyone had a blast.
(Nahant Country Club)

Jessica Salinas-Thomas and Raúl Salinas Ortega, 3/17/07

Thank you so much for your work at our wedding - everyone, including ourselves, had a great time and enjoyed the music. I think we spent the entire reception on the dance floor!
(Finz, Salem)

Emily and Nate Moquin, 2/24/07

DJ Michael and Corey were great to work with and we would recommend them for any DJ service.  We had an amazing time at our wedding and we owe much of its success to them both.  Michael took the time to meet with us prior to the wedding to make sure that he could get a feel for what we wanted and delivered that vision perfectly.  Corey was extremely helpful and checked in with us to make sure that the wedding was moving forward smoothly and whether or not we needed anything from them.  After giving him a few recommendations as to what we did and didn't want for music, they were able to take over and played music that got everyone up and dancing.  It was a nice touch that they gave us CD's of the music played at the end of the night, we look forward to reliving out wedding for years to come.  Stop reading this and book this DJ now!!!
(Tuckerman Hall, Worcester)

Amy and Kevin Sendlenski, 12/30/06

Kevin and I would like to thank you and Corey for the wonderful job you did that evening. The music was perfect! We appreciated the fact that you worked in our requests while mixing in other songs that kept the dance floor full! We have received quite a few compliments about the music and owe it all to you! I knew right away that the evening would go smoothly when Corey went out of his way to introduce himself and told me if there was anything he could do to help, even non-music related errands, he was more than happy to assist us! Please feel free to add us to what must be a very long list of people happy to serve as references for you. Thanks again!!
(Boston Harbor Hotel)

Vandana and Damon Kelly, 11/12/06

Hi Michael, Damon and I want to thank you for the amazing job you and Corey did at our wedding. We had a great time and wouldn’t have changed a thing. All of our guests said it was a unique and fabulous wedding --and the music was a big reason why. You guys did a really fabulous job of combining American and Indian songs – we know it wasn’t easy to do but you pulled it off impeccably and impressed us and our guests. We knew that you were a great DJ when we hired you, but we were pleasantly surprised to also find out that you were really talented at “remixing” and coming up with your own Indian/American musical combos! And judging by all the wild dancing at the wedding, you are officially a “mix master.” We also wanted to thank you for providing us with our wedding CDs. We listen to them all the time and ended up making copies for our friends and family due to high demand! You and Corey went far beyond our expectations and you can consider us to be a lifelong reference. Thanks again for everything.
(Sheraton Hotel, Braintree)

Karen and Scott Vlasak, 11/4/06

Hi Michael, Our wedding day was amazing, we didn't want it to end. As a music lover, I had a clear vision of what our reception would sound like- from the cocktail hour through to the last song. Thank you for meeting with us before the wedding to discuss our ideas and give us your expert opinion. We appreciated that you took into consideration our requests and played so many of our specific favorites. Throughout the night we received many compliments about the music, and continued to hear the same from guests still days after it was over. Corey was great- he professionally communicated to us all our bride and groom responsibilites(intros, parent dances, cake cutting, last dance), keeping us at ease throughout the night. Thanks also for the CDs of the wedding music(my parents hijacked them from us right away so we didn't get to listen to them until after the honeymoon), it was a great way to extend the celebration. Sincerely, Karen and Scott Vlasak
(the Great Hall, Fall River)

Lisa and Josh Guimond, 10/28/06

You guys were AWESOME!!! We absolutely loved the job you did and as you saw everyone was dancing their faces off. It was particularly amazing to me that you were able to accommodate some crazy requests like Greek music plus some karaoke versions for my friend to accompany you. Also - that you were able to provide us with microphones and amplifying equipment during the ceremony was a great help as well. We listened to the CDs you gave us the entire 2 weeks we were in Maui.... they were great entertainment and helped us re-live the fun. You exceeded our expectations by a long shot and I would be happy to be a reference for you anytime. Thanks again for everything!!!!! Lisa Guimond
(Gibbet Hill, Groton)

Sarah Dumas, 10/21/06

A little feedback on the wedding...
I’m not sure that I can thank you enough for the amazing job you did djing our wedding. The concept of the Wedding Planner was a wonderful tool for a busy bride. I was able to give you all of the important information and check the task off my list. I have to admit, before the wedding I was a bit nervous thinking about how a DJ can satisfy such a diverse crowd. As a bride, you want to make sure there is a good mix so that all generations have something to dance to and enjoy….a difficult task no doubt. You handled it perfectly. Throughout the night, you read the mood of the crowd and transitioned seamlessly through different styles of music. My guests have done nothing but rave about the music. Aside from the music, I also must say that I was impressed by your professionalism. You were nicely dressed, well spoken and were completely in sync with the bride and groom. It was everything I could have hoped for. I will certainly keep your company in mind if I ever need a DJ service and intend to recommend you to any bride-to-be. Thank you again, Sarah (Parker) Dumas
(Phoenix Room, Newburyport)

Lisa and Nick Saccone, 10/14/06

The wedding was so much fun, Nick and I had the best time! We just wish it was longer. I was upset when it was over; it went by way too fast. I have gotten lots of comments about how great the DJ was, so thank you for doing such a wonderful job! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends!
(Lantana, Randolph)

Cheryl and Brett Burkinshaw, 10/7/06

Oh my god Michael you guys were GREAT!!! Corey was so helpful. It defintely should have gone longer but they only offer the 5-9, another hour would have been perfect!! But you guys were a hit!! I thank you so much for finding all the "weird" songs that we requested and the CD's you gave us were great!! We will defintely be calling you again for our next function (we have a huge bday party coming in a few months) I couldn't have asked for anything better!! You guys were WONDERFUL!!! Thanks again so much, Cheryl and Brett
(Lady Christine, Boston Harbor)


Lisa and Brenden Moyer, 9/23/06

We had such a great time at the wedding - I wouldn't have changed a thing! You and Cory did a fantastic job (as I had expected). You guys had the dance floor packed all night - everyone was commenting on how great the music selection was! I've had multiple people tell me it was the best reception that they'd ever been too. Oh yeah, my mom was totally happy too!!!! Thanks for doing a great job. -L
(Great River Golf Club, Milford CT)

Ping and Ron Burke, 9/2/06

Thank you so much for an awesome time on our wedding day. You and Corey were money! You guys even had my relatives from Taiwan busting out moves on the dance floor! East meets West!
Full circle on the dance floor with someone doing the kick worm in the middle, I'd say that's a hell of of a good time.
Much appreciated! Ping and Ron
(Sheraton Boston)

Meaghan and Brian Guiney, 8/19/06

We could not possibly be more thrilled with our choice of DJ. Throughout the wedding planning process we constantly told ourselves that our priority was a FUN wedding, so music was one of our most important wedding decisions. Michael was incredibly responsive, friendly, helpful, thoughtful, and professional from the day we met him as fans at a Red Sox game. He listened to all of our requests and read our 4-page list of requirements, then delivered perfection on every one. Though our reception was seven hours long, the dance floor was never empty! Michael did an incredible job of simultaneously reading the crowd, responding to guest requests, and working in the many, many songs we had asked him to play. Throughout the wedding day and for weeks afterwards we received compliment after compliment about our DJ. Our only regret is that we don't have another party to hire him for...yet!
(Bourne Farm, Falmouth)

Amy and Chris Murphy, 8/5/06

First, Amy and I would like to thank you for an incredible time at our wedding. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and we are still getting comments as to what a wonderful time everyone had. We thought you and Corey did a fantastic job. There are not any negatives that come to mind. We thought the announcing certain events (first dance, mother son dance, etc.) were very streamlined and well organized without seeming intrusive. I've definitely been to events where the DJ takes over and I find that somewhat annoying. We thought you can Corey did a great job of blending in, just as you said you would.
A few things we found particularly excellent were as follows:
-Music selection and going with the flow. As it became obvious people were looking for more of an upbeat tone, you matched it perfectly (exactly what Amy and I were looking for).
-Communication and organization. From the emails over long distance to our meeting to the wedding night, we thought you did a great job at going through the process with us and getting to know what we were looking for. Additionally, Corey did an excellent job at lining up the bridesmaids and groomsmen for the introductions so that they went off without a hitch.
-The ceremony mic and the karaoke mic. I had no idea we Bob and Ken had planned that karaoke, but you were certainly ready for it without notice and it was really a memorable part of the night.
Thanks again for all your hard work, we really appreciated it. We'll be sure to recommend you to other friends/relatives that get married in the future.
Chris and Amy
(Commander's Mansion, Watertown)

Renee and Ben Krikorian, 7/26/06

Michael and Corey,
We loved our wedding and owe much of the positive spirit that was created to you guys!
First of all the sound system that you set up for our ceremony was perfect and alleviated our anxiety related to people being able to hear us exchange our vows outside. At the reception you played a great mix of music that kept all generations happy and on the dance floor. We were touched that you played most of the songs that we requested - even the obscure ones! We also appreciated your communication with us throughout the wedding to make sure that things were running up to our expectations. Thanks for having a clear presence at the wedding without being obnoxious!
We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in your services. Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.
We wish we could do it all over again, but since we cannot, the cds that you made us of our wedding songs have been playing non-stop on our stereo!
You guys were great! Renee and Ben Krikorian
(Endicott College)

Genevieve and Doug, 7/15/06

Thanks so much for the wonderful wedding music... We are so happy with what you did and I can't think of anything you could improve upon. Cory was great at checking in with everyone and the music was awsome. I love that the floor was fulll all night. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future customers and we will definitely recomend you to all of our friends and family. We have already gotten great feedback about the music. All the best to you and Cory.
Genevieve and Doug
(Bradley Estate, Canton)

Megan Glionna, 7/8/06

Hi Michael! Thanks so much for everything you did to make our wedding so wonderful. We thought you and Corey were amazing and have nothing but praise! I am thankful you were able to incorporate ALL of my requests. Everything thought the music was excellent and your presentation was very sophisticated. The only, tiny, thing I may recommend is that the last dance not be a slow song. This may be a personal preference but I wanted to dance until the last second!Seriously though, you were amazing and thank you for EVERYTHING! Have a wonderful summer and if you ever need someone to give you a recommendation, please let me know!
Best, Megan
(Ritz-Carlton, Boston)

Lauren and Vassily Kotsonouris, 6/17/06

Michael you did an awesome job, you both did. I got so many compliments on the music. Your edits on my music choices were dead on - the salsa a big hit...It was just a great party and the music was a perfect perfect element. Thanks again! You guys rocked, and it was fun hanging out with you guys after!!!
l and v
(Provincetown Inn)

Jayme and Marco Rossetti, 6/25/06

I think you guys were GREAT! I don't have a single complaint. Everyone loved the music and had a great time. Thank you so much! And I have a BIG mouth when I like something, so I will definitely pump you guys up and try to send some business your way. Thanks again! Jayme
(Brookmeadow Country Club, Canton)

Elizabeth and Shaun Adamec, 6/24/06

You definitely went above and beyond. We especially liked the Hawaiian music you played at the beginning - we heard it all over Hawaii and we thought back about the wedding each time we heard it. A lot of people commented on how great the music was. In fact, I got more compliments on the music than on my dress :) Cory was great too. I was so nervous about what I was supposed to be doing or saying, and it was great to have someone who was so calm to tell us where to be and what to do. Overall, it could not have been better, and I mean that sincerely. Thank you for everything! Beth
(Wayside Inn, Sudbury)

Jennifer and Scott Kreamer, 6/3/06

Jen and I only have good things to say. We thought that you and Corey were very professional, customer oriented, and friendly. The music selections were excellent. We also thought that you were quick on your feet with the announcements, changes in schedule, and music requests. Thanks for helping us make the wedding a success. -Scott
(Crane Estate, Ipswich)

Sarah and Matthew Benoit, 5/13/06

Mike, you and Corey did a wonderful job. I know the weather wasn't the best but you kept everyone going and having a great time. We have been talking about you guys all week and how you were so nice and played anything we wanted. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for the best! Thanks so much for making our wedding so memorable!
Sarah and Matthew Berube 5-13-06 (Yes the flood of 2006)
(York Harbor, Maine)

Agnes and Darren Balakrishnan, 10/16/05

Thank you so much for your professional job on our wedding day. Everything was perfect - the timing, the music... You and Corey were awesome. You guys had a great feel for the party and knew how to react to the situation. Great professional job. Thanks, A'gi and Darren
(Dakshin, Framingham)

Erin and Joe Mancinelli, 9/24/05

Joe and I would like to send our belated thank you for the phenomenal job you did not only on our wedding day, but throughout the year-long planning process. It can’t be much fun for you to be spammed with emails from a frantic bride and groom the week before their wedding (“Hi Michael, can we swap this random Jimmy Buffett song for this random Bob Marley song, thanks”), but you remained the most patient, confident, and most of all helpful professional and we are so grateful.
Some of our warmest memories of the day are of relatives that haven’t danced at weddings in years out bopping around on the dance floor! We have received so many comments of what a fabulous time our friends and families had, and the music played such a huge part in that. You really listened to us and valued our opinions but also used your knowledge and expertise to play by far the greatest set of music we’ve ever heard at a wedding.
We have been told that our wedding reception was so “us”; which after all the planning and work that goes into it all, is the best compliment a newlywed couple can receive! Thank you for all you did to help make our wedding so incredible.
Joe & Erin Mancinelli
(Woods Hole Golf Club)

Jodi and Greg Russell, 9/4/05

We really enjoyed having you as our DJ, and got a lot of compliments from everyone at the wedding on the music selection. I was happy to have the dance floor packed all night, and I have to say that was all thanks to you! I always enjoy myself at weddings as long as the music is good, and I had a blast. Greg and I were very happy with the flow of things, and thought that both you and Cory were professional and made the night a complete hit! It was also great that you could be so flexible about me cancelling our meeting at the last minute, that is totally not how I normally operate, and I felt terrible that I had to do that! Even without the meeting the night went off without a hitch! I actually liked your final dance music selection better than the one we originally picked! I was completely satisfied with how everything worked out for the entire night and I am planning on recommending you to anyone who will listen to me.
Thank you so much for being able to keep everyone on the dance floor for the ENTIRE night - I was worried that nobody would dance since my family can be conservative, but you knew how to get everyone out there! We went to a wedding a few weeks later and nobody was dancing, Greg and I just were shocked at what a difference a great DJ can make! Thanks for helping to make our wedding a complete success. If you would like to give out my email address to potential clients, I would be more than happy to be a reference. You are one of the best DJs that I have heard at any wedding I have attended.
Thank you again, Jodi Russell
(Ocean View, Gloucester)

Anna and Mehzad Shahsavari, 9/3/05

We really had a great time at the wedding, in large part due to the great people we worked with to plan the day.
We really enjoyed working with you and your assistant.
You were both very organized and kept us at ease.
You were both very professional, exactly what we expected after our planning discussions. Overall, we were very happy to work with you. You were unobstrusive and worked well to move the program along "behind the scenes." We would happily recommend you to any friends getting married in the Boston area! Thanks again for helping to make our wedding day very special and memorable!
Anna and Mehzad
(Tower Hill Botanical Garden, Worcester)

Kristin and Dave Cavoli, 6/25/05

You guys were terrific - both Kristin and I were very pleased with how everything turned out. We both had a GREAT time at the wedding.
(Gamble Mansion, Boston)

Jill and Michael Silver, 5/14/05

We just wanted to thank you for the great job you and Corey did at our wedding. We had so much fun and everyone that went said it was a fabulous wedding.If you ever need me as a reference please feel free to call.
Thanks again, Jill and Michael Silver
(Veronique Ballroom, Brookline)

Karen and David Sullivan, 4/28/05

We just wanted to thank you and Corey again for doing an outstanding job at our wedding. Everyone very much enjoyed themselves and the music. We'd be glad to serve as a reference in the future.
Thanks again, Karen and Dave

Sarah Bastille, 4/2/05

You guys were awesome. Thank you so much...everyone had a marvelous time; you were exactly the DJs I had wanted! Thanks for all of your help (and patience!)
Best, Sarah
(Club Longwood, Brookline)

Kelly and Sean Gavin, 3/12/05

Thank you so much for helping to make our day so special. You had everyone dancing the entire night and people are still telling us what a great time they had. Despite the snow and cold outside, everyone was having a terrific time inside.
Thank you, Kelly & Sean Gavin
(Gibbet Hill, Groton)

Lorraine and Peter Burke, 10/9/04

I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with the music at our wedding! I received numerous compliments from the wedding guests and plan to recommend you to all of my newly-engaged friends! Given extremely broad parameters -- "Do play Ella Fitzgerald, Wilco and The Pogues. Don't play 'Brickhouse' or 'Play that Funky Music.'" -- you managed to fill in the blanks with some fantastic music that kept everyone on the dance floor the whole time. After the last song, everyone was having such a good time that they screamed, "Encore," and you played one more. You interpreted our music taste so well that many friends asked if I had scripted the entire play list, which was far from the truth. Throughout the planning process, you were very helpful in making suggestions and always prompt in responding to emails or phone calls. On the wedding day, you and your assistant were very professional and intuitive, overall exceeding expectations. Thanks again, Michael!
(Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center)

Ranee and Kris Lange, 8/21/04

Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding. Everyone has such a fun time dancing. The cd is really great, thank you for that!Thank you again.
(Fruitland Museum, Harvard)

Heinz and Julie Windzio, 7/31/04

Thanks again for a wonderful job at our wedding. We’ve received many compliments from our guests regarding the music. Julie and I appreciated the professionalism that you showed throughout the night. And, we liked how you balanced the night between music for the seniors and music for the kids. Of course, all of the adults had fun “cutting a little rug” later in the night. We’ll recommend you to our friend’s weddings in the future!
(Wolfers Roost, Albany NY)

Lisa and Jeff Korte, 5/22/04

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did at our wedding. As you know, our taste in music is rather "ecclectic" and you did a great job of playing everything we wanted to hear while still keeping everyone dancing all night. What a great mix you guys played! All of our guests are still raving about the music at the wedding and how they were on the dance floor for the entire reception. The music absolutely made our wedding and we really appreciate the fantastic job that you did! Thanks again!
(Ocean View, Gloucester)

Debbie and Rick McCready, 5/15/2004

Thanks for doing such a fabulous job at our wedding. You made the planning process so relaxed and easy, which made a huge difference. Just by explaning the type of "feel" we were looking for with the music, you were then able to run with it and carry that throughout the entire wedding. Our guests still rave about how fun the music was. It's such an important element of a wedding, and Rick and I couldn't have been happier. Thanks again!
(Ocean View, Gloucester)

Carolyn and Niall de Lacy, 4/17/04

Thank you for helping make our wedding such a great and enjoyable day for our guests and ourselves. We really appreciate it. Best Regards.
(Hotel Northampton)

Schools for Children Staff Party, 12/12/03

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful entertainment you provided at the Schools for Children Holiday Party. Our annual staff gathering has changed from one that fell asleep shortly after dinner, to a festive party that people are reluctant to leave at the end of the night. What a difference you have made to our event!
....the highlight of the night, in my opinion, is the dancing --- never before have we had entertainment that has gotten as many people (young and old) on the dance floor. That is a talent that as someone who likes to dance, I very much enjoy, and that as the event organizer, I very much appreciate.
Never before have I gotten such kudos for our Holiday Party, and while I'd like to take the credit..I have to confess it really should go to John for recommending you. You will definitely be hearing from us next year! Lynne Jacoby
(Woburn Country Club)

Kim Thoreson and Andrew Johnson, 8/17/03

For our wedding, choosing a dj was a difficult decision for us to make, because we are so picky about what music we like! Our No Play list was about three pages long, and our must play/would like to hear list was two pages. Mike is just what we wanted. He's a normal guy, no cheesiness, very laid-back. Plus he has an assistant which was great. And they did a fantastic job at our wedding! They played nothing from the no play list and played all the important songs we wanted to hear, as well as a lot of other bands that we love. They checked with us if someone requested something they thought we might not like. And they knew just what to play for the parent-aged crowd. Everyone was dancing all night, and we got lots of compliments on the music choices. People loved that it wasn't your ordinary wedding music and that it was very personal-b/c of all the songs we specifically picked. I had a good feeling about him right after our first meeting. He's very professional and definitely made me feel I would have nothing to worry about music-wise at my wedding! I highly recommend dj Michael O'Neill!
Kim Thoreson
(Hotel @ MIT)

Meagan and Brian Benoit, 7/6/02

People are still talking about the jammin' dance floor at our wedding, thanks to you! We has a blast and there was never a time that dance floor was not full. Thank ou for being such a great DJ. You're selection was perfect for the masses. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to pass out my email.
Meagan Benoit
(Warren Conference Center)

Nina and Chris Alberg, 6/29/02 put things simply - People are still talking about what a wonderful job he did for our wedding! I've even referred him to several friends and clients. The great thing about Michael is that he played exactly what we wanted, and kept our guests dancing all night. He really made our wedding a party that stood out in comparison to many other weddings I've been to in recent years. As a wedding coordinator myself, and having been to a zillion events, he is truly an exemplary and very professional dj. If I can be of any further assistance, let me know. You definitely won't be sorry if you choose him!
Nina Alberg